1. Create a New Folder by right-clicking on your Desktop:



2. Open Internet Explorer and go to www.avss.ucsb.edu/download/avssfx.exe then open the URL

NOTE: avssfx.exe is a generic name. The actual name of the exe file will be specific to each LRD.

Contact the AVSS Project for the actual name to enter here, for example, C30FTP.EXE. . You may

also use this technique to download AVSSCRT and the value after the “…download/” will vary.




3. Click on Browse at the Unzip to folder prompt::



4. Highlight the New Folder that you just created on your desktop then click OK:



5. Click on Unzip:



6. When so prompted, press any key to SecureFX for AVSS/NET (we call it AVSSFX):



7. Click on Close after AVSSFX is installed:



8. Right Click on New Folder and delete it then click on AVSSFX icon to start AVSSFX: