Magnetic Tape IBM-PC File
Tape format: EBCDIC Unlabelled Disk Format: ASCII
Blocksize: 5100 Blocksize: N/A
Logical Record Length: 255 Logical Record Length: 255
Density: 1600/6250 BPI Density: N/A
Date: 11/11/97

121-2 Shipment No.
263-8 Certificate No.
369-14 4ADate of Birth: (MM-DD-YY)
4115 2Sex
5216-17 Geographic Place of Birth: State
6318-20 5DGeographic Place of Birth: County
7121 I5AType of Place of Birth
8122 13DAttendant at Birth
9623-28 11Mother's Date of Birth: (MM-DD-YY)
10229-30 10Mother's Birthplace (State)
11231-32 24DResidence of Mother: State
12333-35 24CResidence of Mother: City
13636-41 8Father's Date of Birth: (MM-DD-YY)
14142 22Hispanic Origin: Mother
15143 19Hispanic Origin: Father
16144 21Race: Mother
17145 18Race: Father
18246-47 23CEducation: Mother
19248-49 20CEducation: Father
20250-51 27APregnancy History: No. of Live Births: Now Living
21252-53 27BPregnancy History: No. of Live Births: Now Dead
22254-55 27D/EPregnancy History: No. of Other Terminations
23456-59 27CDate of Last Live Birth: (MM-YY)
24160 CMother Married?
25561-65 25ADate of Last Normal Menses: (MM-DD-Y)
26166 25BMonth Preg. Prenatal Care
27267-68 Named Month (Blank)
28269-70 25CPrenatal Visits (total)
29171 Birth Weight (Units) 1=Grams
30472-75 26Weight: Grams
31276-77 GAWKClinical Est. of Gestation (Weeks)
32178 3APlurality
33279-80 AP1Apgar Score: 1 Minute
34281-82 AP5Apgar Score: 5 Minute
35183 29Medical Risk For Preg.: None Reported/Not Classifiable
36184 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Anemia
37185 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Cardiac Disease
38186 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Lung Disease
39187 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Diabetes
40188 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Genital Herpes
41189 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Hydramnios/Oligohydramnois
42190 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Hemoglobinopathy
43191 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Chronic Hypertension

44192 29/30Medical Risk For Preg.: Preg. Assoc. Hypertension
45193 29/30Medical Risk For Preg.: Eclampsia
46194 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Incompetent Cervix
47195 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Prev. Infant, 4000+ Gram.
48196 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Prev. Preterm Infant
49197 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Renal Disease
50198 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Rh Sensitization
51199 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Uterine Bleeding
521100 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Other
5316101-116 29Medical Risk For Preg.: Blank
541117 29Other Risks for Pregnancy: Tabacco
552118-119 29Other Risks for Pregnancy: Aver. No. Cigar. Day
561120 29Other Risks for Pregnancy: Alcohol Use
572121-122 29Other Risks for Pregnancy: Aver. No. Drinks Week
582123-124 29Other Risks for Pregnancy: Weight Gained in Pregnancy
591125 29Obstetric Procedures: Non Reported/Not Classifiable
601126 29/30Obstetric Procedures: Amniocentesis
611127 29/30Obstetric Procedures: Electronic Fetal Monitoring
621128 30Obstetric Procedures: Induction of Labor
631129 30Obstetric Procedures: Stimulation of Labor
641130 29/30Obstetric Procedures: Tocolysis
651131 29/30Obstetric Procedures: Ultrasound
661132 29Obstetric Procedures: Other
676133-138 29Obstetric Procedures: Blank
681139 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: None Reported/Not Classifiable
691140 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Febrile
701141 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Meconium
711142 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Premature Rupture of Membrane
721143 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Abruptio Placenta
731144 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Placenta Previa
741145 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Other Excessive Bleeding
751146 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Seizures During Labor
761147 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Precipitous Labor
771148 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Prolonged Labor
781149 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Dysfunctional Labor
791150 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Breech/Malpresentation
801151 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Cephalopelvic Disproportion
811152 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Cord Prolapse
821153 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Anesthetic Complications
831154 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Fetal Distress
841155 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Other
8515156-170 30Comp. Of Labor/Delivery: Blank
861171 28AMethod of Delivery: Not Classifiable
871172 28AMethod of Delivery: Vaginal
881173 28AMethod of Delivery: Vaginal After Prev. C-Section
891174 28AMethod of Delivery: Primary C-Section
901175 28AMethod of Delivery: Repeated C-Section
911176 28AMethod of Delivery: Forceps

921177 28AMethod of Delivery: Vacuum
935178-182 28AMethod of Delivery: Blank
941183 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: None Reported/Not Classifiable
951184 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Anemia
961185 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Birth Injury
971186 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Fetal Alcohol Syn.
981187 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Hyaline Membrane Disease RDS
991188 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Meconium Aspiration Syn
1001189 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Assisted Ventilation <30 Min.
1011190 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Assisted Ventilation >=30 Min.
1021191 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Seizures
1031192 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Other
1048193-200 31Abnormal Cond. of Newborn: Blank
1051201 31Congenital Anomalies: None reported/Not Classifiable
1061202 31Congenital Anomalies: Anencephalus
1071203 31Congenital Anomalies: Spinal Bifida/Meningocele
1081204 31Congenital Anomalies: Hydrocephalus
1091205 31Congenital Anomalies: Microcephalus
1101206 31Congenital Anomalies: Other Central Nervous System Anomalies
1111207 31Congenital Anomalies: Heart Malformations
1121208 31Congenital Anomalies: Other Circulatory/Respiratory anomalies
1131209 31Congenital Anomalies: Rectal Atresia/Stenosis
1141210 31Congenital Anomalies: Tracheo-Esophageal Atresia
1151211 31Congenital Anomalies: Omphalocele/Gastroschisis
1161212 31Congenital Anomalies: Other Gastrointestinal Anomalies
1171213 31Congenital Anomalies: Malformed Genitalia
1181214 31Congenital Anomalies: Renal Agenesis
1191215 31Congenital Anomalies: Other Urogenital Anomalies
1201216 31Congenital Anomalies: Cleft Lip/Palate
1211217 31Congenital Anomalies: Polydactyly/Syndactyly Adactylia
1221218 31Congenital Anomalies: Club Foot
1231219 31Congenital Anomalies: Diaphragmatic Hernia
1241220 31Congenital Anomalies: Other Musculoskeletal/Integumental
1251221 31Congenital Anomalies: Down's Syndrome
1261222 31Congenital Anomalies: Other Chromosomal Anomalies
1271223 31Congenital Anomalies: Other
12817224-240 31Congenital Anomalies: Blank
1294241-244 Receipt Date (NCHS Use)
1302245-246 MAGEAge: Mother
1312247-248 FAGEAge: Father
1327249-255 Filler

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