To change AVSSCRT screen fonts and/or color scheme, you may contact the AVSS Help Desk at 916-449-5174 for instructions. Glen, John, or Peter will instruct you to click on START on your desktop, then on RUN, and type C:\AVSS\SecureCRT.EXE in the OPEN window, then click on OK as shown below:



You will see a Connect window. RIGHT-click on the AVSS session then click on Properties:


You should then be at the Session Options window. Click on Appearance:


To change the font, just click on the Font button and select the font.


To change the color scheme, click on New, then give your color scheme a name, such as CUSTOM, as shown above. Then choose your Foreground and Background colors then continue clicking OK until you exit the Session Menu and login to AVSSCRT.