KeyAction Performed by AVSS
[Enter] ENTER: Send your keyboard input into AVSS.
[Backspace] DELETE: Backspace over your previous input to correct mistakes.
[-]BLANK out the current data value for this data field.
[--]DASH (-) for this data field.
[;]CONCATENATE (link together) the input for several data fields.


KeyAction Performed by AVSS
[?] or [F1] HELP: Show instructions on what AVSS wants.
[^] or [F2] BACKUP: Return to the previous AVSS prompt.
[^L] or [F3] LIST: Display a list of possible responses for this data item.
[^D] or [F4] DISPLAY the current data values for all data fields on this form.
[^E] or [F5] EDIT the current data value for this prompt (See EDIT COMMANDS).
[^F] or [F6] FILE this form as incomplete at this data field.
[^H] or [F7] MORE HELP by showing the meaning of all AVSS commands.
[^Q] or [F8] QUIT and go back to the first prompt.
[^S] or [F9] SKIP over a data field; results in an incomplete form.
[^V] or [F10] VALIDATE the currently­entered data values for accuracy.


KeyAction Performed by AVSS
[B]BLANK out a character. Replace it with a space. Whole sections of letters may be converted into blanks by entering several consecutive B's.
[D]DELETE a character. Consecutive deletions are allowed by entering several D's in a row. The delete command can be immediately followed by the insert command.
[I]INSERT text. Type the text to be inserted after the I.
[R]REPLACE character for character. Type the replacement characters after the R.
[Q]QUIT. Cancel all modifications, restore the line to its original form, and start over. (Must be the first character in the edit line.)

Updated June 24, 1997 by RL Williams

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