Typical AVSS/NET Deployment Plan: February 2004

1. Local Registration District (LRD) FTPs the AVSS PC database (DATABASE.MSM) to UCSB using AVSSFX (secure FTP software configured for AVSS). An AVSS database is established on an AVSS/NET test server.
2. The AVSSCRT (SecureCRT configured for AVSS/NET) is installed on all future AVSS/NET workstations and their connections to the test sever are verified. This will result in a red background screen. Users should try logging in with their current passwords and test the functionality of AVSS/NET with special attention to any latency problems with their Internet connection. Hospital users should try printing some birth certificates.
3. N-day is established and announced to all AVSS users.
4. N-7 or before: a unique AVSSCRT CD is produced by UCSB for each AVSS/NET workstation that, when installed, will switch the connection from the test server to the AVSS/NET production server.
5. N-5 to N-2: LRD or hospital staff install the unique AVSSCRT CD on every AVSS/NET workstation. A blue background screen will result with a connection to the production AVSS/NET server. Users should be reminded that any records they enter for testing will be erased on N-day. Though now connected to the production server, they are still in a testing mode.
6. N at
11:00AM: LRD shutdowns AVSS PC.
7. N at
11:05AM: LRD FTP's the DATABASE.MSM file to the AVSS Project.
8. N at
11:30AM: AVSS Project staff begin conversion of the AVSS PC database into the Windows version on AVSS/NET.
9. N at
3:00PM: AVSS/NET is enabled for use at all LRD workstations. All users must see a blue background screen on their AVSS/NET workstation.


Note: This deployment plan is designed for LRDs where hospitals dial into the LRD’s AVSS PC server. It will be more complex for LRDs having hospitals that run independent versions of AVSS PC on their own servers.  The times listed in Steps 6-9 are approximate and will vary considerably, depending on the size of the LRD’s database.


Updated February 9, 2004 by RL Williams

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