Birth Certificate Worksheet/List Changes For AVSS Version 4.15


The VS-10A Medical Data Supplemental Worksheet and VS-10B Race/Ethnicity and Education Worksheet, for use with the VS-10D Certificate of Live Birth, will change on January 1, 2006.These changes are required to conform to National Center for Health Statistics reporting standards.

The following birth certificate data items will be changed:
4B (Hour of Birth)
12B (Relationship to Child)
20C (Fatherís Education)
23C (Motherís Education)
29 (Complications and Procedures of Pregnancy and Concurrent Illnesses)
30 (Complications and Procedures of Labor and Delivery)
31 (Abnormal Conditions and Clinical Procedures Relating to the Newborn).

All other fields will be unaffected.Accordingly, AVSS Version 4.15 has been programmed to switch over to the new selection lists for these fields for births occurring on or after January 1, 2006. Version 4.15 will be deployed during December 2005. The changes will be transparent to users when creating birth certificates with birth dates before January 1, 2006.

Hour of Birth (Item 4B) will be reprogrammed to set Midnight to be 0000 rather than 2400.Relationship to Child (Item 12B) will have the term PARENT added to the list of choices.Fatherís and Motherís Education (Items 20C and 23C) will continue to be reported simply as highest year completed until January 1, but the revised 2006 VS10-B Worksheet will be used thereafter to report abbreviations for educational attainment beyond high school.

Similarly, the 2005 VS10-A Worksheet will continue to be used until January 1, 2006, but for later birth dates the lists for Items 29, 39, and 31 will change.The 2006 VS-10A Worksheet (Front Side) should be used for Item 29 and the 2006 VS-10A Worksheet (Reverse Side) should be used for Items 30 and 31 for birth certificates with birth dates after December 31, 2005.For more information, please read All County Letter ACL05-012, dated November 14, 2005.

To print copies of the 2006 worksheets, please be sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer, then go to the links below:

Printed Version of 2006 VS-10A Worksheet (Front Side)

Printed Version of 2006 VS-10A Worksheet (Reverse Side)

Printed Version of 2006 VS10-B Worksheet

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