96-122Disallow numerics and spurious punctuation in Father's and Mother's Hispanic fields (19 and 22).
96-160Remove MOTHER FATHER and FATHER MOTHER from Field 12B (Relationship To Child).
97-031 When fields MAR and DECP are skipped and COMPLETE INCOMPLETE is used to enter the fields later with "YES" entered in MAR, or if "NO" is entered in MAR and "YES" to DECP, then prompt for 6A, 6B, and 6C.
97-032 Change suboption name CBC FILE GENERATION to GENERATE CBC FILE (1400) to match other suboptions.
97-044If 1A, 1B, or 1C contain "BABY" then display warning message and re-prompt with an "ARE YOU SURE? <N>".
97-046If the expected Principal Source of Payment for Delivery is coded "00" (medically unattended birth), and the birth occurred in a California maternity hospital, then recode Principal Source of Payment to 99 (unknown) on CBC file.
97-073Allow birth weights above 6500 grams, but validate if they are higher as per CBC specs.
97-113When COMPLETE INCOMPLETE CERTIFICATE is used, MAR=NO and DECP is ^SKIPed, prompt for fields 6A, 6B, and 6C after re-prompting for DECP. (See 97-031 and 97-114).
97-114Remove DECP from Skip list whenever MAR is completed, either by EDIT or COMPLETE INCOMPLETE.
97-118Introduce logic so that if the two digit year is not in the future, use 20 for the century, otherwise use 19. That way if a user enters 6/6/66 it will be converted to 6/6/1966 and 1/1/00 will be 1/1/2000. To be used throughout AVSS.
97-126In the Hospital Birth Record if 1C and 6C are not a dash and 1C does not equal 6C or 9C, then it must be validated.
97-129In the Hospital Birth Record if 24B is unknown and 24D = CA, then set Box B to I5D (Code for County of Birth).
97-130In the Hospital Birth Record, the fields 25B, 25C, 25D cannot equal 0 individually unless they all three equal 0.
97-131The Amendment Indicator (position 1379 on the CBC file) should code No Amendment as blank (was previously a 5).
97-154Currently AVSS issues a warning that states "Maternal/Paternal age less than 5 years greater than years of education" when appropriate. As per CBC specs for Fields 20C and 23C change the warning to a validation.
97-164Set Hispanic to "NO" if a non-list value is entered and the user selects an internal code equal to one (Not Hispanic).
97-177LRDs near Oregon and Nevada often have significant numbers of resident women who deliver out-of-state, with paper reallocates arriving after one year of birth. Disable the one-year limit when the hospital code (XIND) equals 998, corresponding to an out-of-state unknown hospital.
97-181Add a 'COMMENT' field to the Hospital Birth Record using Edit Record. Do not add to prompting sequence.
97-183Display the same information as contained in AMEND DISPLAY to the bottom of the record display during AMEND CERTIFICATE.
97-004 The duplicate check under CMR registration will allow variable length matching for first and last name according to site volume using the same approach as for births. Contact AVSS Project if to change the matching criteria.
97-028 Modify the #CMRWPR report to use the correct internal date value.
97-034Allow DMR as developed in Los Angeles to be used for suspected/pending cases, then link to CMR when confirmed.
97-048Remove the ability to run the CMR Weekly Report in the background since it is unnecessary and causes an error.
97-062Add a warning to insure the following: DOB <= Onset <= Diagnosis <= Report and DOB & Onset <= Death.
97-065Add a 'COMMENT' field at the end of current CMR prompting sequence.
97-090Add 'RAMONBY' to the List of serotypes under Salmonella.
96-150Improve key-word search procedure for Place of Death and Cause of Death (Fields 101 and 107).
97-027 Entering a two-word cause of death for 107A-D that exactly matches an ICDA-9 entry, e.g. 427.5=Cardiac Arrest will now match a keyword and result in the corresponding ICDA code to be stored in AVSS.
97-033 Correct errors related to long values for data fields in the CDC tape generation program.
97-138Modify the AVSS-MARC state-country list so that UNKNOWNs are coded as follows: XX=UNKNOWN; XXU=UNKNOWN - UNITED STATES; XXF=UNKNOWN - FOREIGN COUNTRY as per CBC specs.
97-024Print the report "description" of a saved report as the title under OUTPUT SAVED REPORT.
97-030Remove extra page at the end of many standard reports.
97-026 Reformat COMMUNICATIONS LOG information by sites and date for easier reading.
97-075Due to differences in data base size implement a customizable value for SPACE percentage warning.

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