97-187 Scratched BIRTH CERTIFICATE (LCA) records can be eliminated from the MISSING FILE NUMBER REPORT through the use of the new suboption called MISSING FILE NUMBER EDITOR. After selecting this suboption, the user may add, edit, list, or delete records to be omitted from the MISSING FILE NUMBER REPORT.
98-019 In order to assure the integrity of electronic birth data as stored at all local registration districts and at the Office of Vital Records (OVR), the EDIT CERTIFICATE suboption under BIRTH CERTIFICATE will allow only Fields 15A (Date of Death) and CT (Census Tract) to be edited. If there is a need to edit other fields, users should contact Liz Touhey at the Office of Vital Records at 916-322-5179 or the AVSS Project at 805-893-3214.
98-044 A warning has been added to the HOSPITAL BIRTH RECORD (HCA) to BIRTH CERTIFICATE (LCA) linkage process when there is an HCA is about to be registered but has not been added to the LIST TO BE SENT TO THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT. This warning should alert local registrars when they attempt to register an AVSS record that may not be the final version of a specific hospital birth record.
98-110 A new suboption called BATCH AMENDMENTS under BIRTH CERTIFICATE allows users to continue amending records with an AMEND ANOTHER <Y> prompt. A barcode scanner can now be used to identify the record to be amended.
99-008 When birth certificate electronic records (LCAs) are edited at OVR, AVSS automatically reallocates them back to the county of occurrence, and to the county of residence if they are different. This means that the AVSS databases at LRD and OVR will be identical.
98-123 AVSS will automatically attempt to match an infant death certificate (CDC) to a birth certificate (LCA) when the former is filed. If there is a match, AVSS will also set Fields 15A and I15A of the birth certificate so as to indicate that there is a death associated with the birth. The automatic matching procedure will set the death certificate local file number for the LCA as LFNDC and set the birth certificate local file number for the CDC as LFNBC.
98-065 The prompting sequence for REGISTER CONFIDENTIAL MORBIDITY REPORT has been changed to reflect the new 8.5x11 CMR form (PM 110). The DISEASE list has also been updated.
98-066 The WEEKLY MORBIDITY REPORT suboption has been updated to reflect the new Weekly Morbidity by Place of Report (WMPR) form (DHS 8245).
98-076 The name for the DISTRICT MORBIDITY REPORT (DMR) has been changed to PENDING MORBIDITY REPORT to reflect its use for tracking suspected (unconfirmed) cases.

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